Tuesday, 3 April 2012

4 days in Grenoble

Day 1

visiting Nancy's sister Becky, her husband and son and Tonio's cousin, Hanna

{they are 2 of 12 sisters and brothers}

Day 2

Becky's husband, Tonio's uncle, Jean-Michel

hiking with him was great - he knows this area so well
left-over snow

old farm house

in the French Alps

the handsome love of my life

God's creation amazes me

braving the fallen trees

the wind uprooted dozens of trees, blocking the path
open spaces

trees and leaves

green fields

huge peak behind us

back to the car


i felt at home in the countryside


back home: squirrel

family dinner for Wesley's 20th & Hanna's 35th bdays
{Tonio's cousins on his mom's side}

Becky married into a French/Italian family
{the above scene was like a movie - I was laughing so hard}

Joyeux Anniversaire Wesley !

Jean-Michel, Becky, Wesley, and JM's sweet Italian mother

i'm getting spoiled here in France, seriously
{it's a cake from heaven}

Day 3

our friends Thomas and Maëva live in Grenoble

good excuse to visit them and see their place

Day 4

le petit-déjeuner

in uniform

JM is such an incredible father
I choked up a few times watching his love for Wesley 
{and of course, Becky...there's no words}

we're only missing Jean-Michel and Sebastien !

define: normal

 pierre, nancy, hanna, tonio, me, wesley and becky

they say when you get married,
you're family grows

boy does it ever !

i'm so thankful for family this side of heaven: 
his, mine and ours !!!

God, thanks for being the best Dad we could ever have.
Love Lindsey

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  1. Merci Linz pour ces merveilleuses photos - Quel plaisir de vous voir tous réunis - On a bien pensé à vous tous - Quel beau week end et avec du retard happy BD to Wesley & Hanna - Love & Bisoux depuis la Sauvageonne