Saturday, 26 November 2011

back in agoura

we are not having any fun

we're just missing papa hutch

sandovals + hutchinsons + petrignanis = crazy

snapping green beans for thanksgiving

lunch with pastor michael and joanna

playing kinect on Xbox with tonio at the olivas home

goal: fly and pop bubbles

best part of this game
watching others makes fools of themselves ;)

joanna stayed with us for a night

turkey surf turnout this year was a bit scarce

julie found us at tower 14 zuma

surfers, film crew and key grip

lazy chops

daddy & chels with chops

the men


my dad on his "new" bike
tonio rebuilt it with new rims, tires and a 7-gear shifting system

we are still enjoying our time here in the states,
and we also look forward to returning home to france
more fun to come, of course

thanks for visiting our blog
--love lindsey

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