Wednesday, 14 November 2018

May 2018

Continuing the overview of 2018 with 10 pictures for each month.

May was an interesting month of transition for our family.  We moved into our new apartment on May 1st, which was quite a difficult task with two small people.  Thankfully, we have family and friends who made it a bit less overwhelming.  We unpacked and tried to figure out who would sleep where and what would go where (STILL working on that...eeeeek!).  We had some days at the sea, along the sea, at a wedding on the sea... hehe.  

Overall, it was a transition.  
Lots of new.  
Lots of firsts.  
Lots of crazy.  
Lots of hard. 
Lots of fun. 

Papa teaching his son the joys of the sea.

Teething on rocks.

The explosion of unpacking.

A little stroll.

Django learns to drive.


We love Mamie.

Django takes up football and guitar.

I love my girl and her pensive, caring eyes.

Family photo from our friend's wedding, and Daphn√© wanted to be like the bride who had an off-the-shoulder dress.  She's just too much!

Love Linz

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