Thursday, 13 September 2018

January 2018

Alright, you ready?  The next blog posts are going to be 10 photos from each month of 2018!  Now, I will be cheating and combining some here and there, but I hope you love and enjoy it!!!

Archer and Juli came over to celebrate Daphné's birthday.

Daphné turns 3!!! 

Papi and Mamie lovin' on our Django bud.

My sister, nephew, niece and my papa ;) // Daphné's birthday umbrella.

Bedtime stories (photo by Tonio).

First solid food (mush actually) - carrots!

Our JOY bomb!

The amazing Tata Cricri and Tonton Robi!

Mamie Nancy and Tonton Sebastien.

Me and my girl.

Love Linz

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