Wednesday, 24 October 2012

3 blessings this week...

...out of many

I made my own pumpkin pie out of a real pumpkin !
And I made the crust from scratch too =)
Living in a far away land demands creativity - ha.
We don't have canned pumpkin here, so I made my own "can."
VoilĂ .  Proud of myself.

I got a free osteopathic/chiropractic visit !
A lady at church made the appointment for her daughter,
but since her daughter couldn't make it, I benefited.
It was one of those "beyond expectations" deals.
I twisted my neck a few weeks ago, and I lost some range of motion.
Since a visit can be costly, I reasoned that I would just stretch and suck it up.
No need.  God had other plans.
He heard the little cry of my heart.
The doc put me back together =).
And the room was beautiful to boot !

Sebastien is in town !
Many of you know Tonio's brother, Sebastien.
He's so much fun to be around.
In fact, he and Tonio are currently on a 2-3 day hike in the mountains.
Well, he's a pilot for Air France, and I wanted to try out his coat.
He looks a lot SNAZZIER than me in it, that's for sure.
Plus, I'm swimming in it !

That's all.
Thanks for reading.

--Love Linz

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